NCE Exam Prep

NCE Exam Prep


Be careful what you buy!

There are so many NCE Exam Prep materials out there to choose from.  There are books, encyclopedias, flashcards, online study materials, apps, face to face classes, free online materials and more.  If you bought everything they are trying to convince you to buy you would spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.

But that’s completely unnecessary.

I spent a lot of time and money reviewing all the materials available and found that many were redundant – meaning you could get the same material in one set of study materials that you could get in another.  Those were useless to buy.  Why would you buy something that covered material you already had?

Another problem I found was that some of the materials were not what they promised to be.  Especially some of the electronic materials.  I know that some people are really comfortable studying online, but studying is confusing enough.  I found the online materials to lack structure and form, leaving the student confused as to what the focus of study should be.

What I didn’t find was a study plan, a way to approach my studying with the confidence that the effort I put in would enable me to pass the first time.  So, I created one.  After careful review of all the study materials, I planned out my studying and tracked my time.

Like you, I had no idea what the test would be like, didn’t really trust the online test questions, and felt like there was something else I really needed to know but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

My study plan worked and I passed the test with flying colors.  In my eBook I outline exact study plans that will get you to your goals of passing the first time without compromising too much of work, home or social life.  Well, maybe your social life…..

Don’t let NCE Exam Prep be a daunting project lasting months on end.  You shouldn’t fear taking the test.  Get the eBook and the companion ap – a small investment to accompany your study materials.  You will learn what to buy, how often to study, and what you need to know to pass the test.

Good luck!

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